Flutter sleeves, enjoy the breeze.

Head scarf: my mother’s closet; Silk flutter sleeve tee: Banana Republic; Pants: Shoulder; Heels: Wish Shoes.

I nabbed this hair scarf tutorial from Academichic what feels like forever ago. I was a bit slow getting ready this morning, and had somewhere to be right away, so I didn’t have the time to be able to do something with my über frizzy, un-styled, post-workout shower hair that would take much longer than … well, than braiding my hair. Adding the colourful scarf, and weaving it through my braid helped to pull in the wild colours I have on my nails and toes.

These are my new favorite shoes. They came home with me yesterday after my eye appointment. Blog, meet shoes. Shoes, meet blog. They’re incredibly comfortable… until, of course, you decide to hike all over Brasília for five hours, seeking fluorescent yellow nail polish, and a brand new cover up for your fluorescent yellow bikini that you’re saving for your trip to the beach at the end of the month. I was successful in finding these items, but my feet suffered for it. Poor feet.

I end this post with a tip – if you think you might sweat during your day, even just a light glow, try not to wear a silk top. I had an embarrassing walk from the cosmetics store to the mall. Under boob sweat marks aren’t the best accessories to a fabulous outfit, in case you were wondering.




6 thoughts on “Flutter sleeves, enjoy the breeze.

  1. I hear you about silk tops. Love how they look and feel, but I can pit ’em out in seconds.

    Love these colors, and the headscarf is FAB.

    • I’m a back sweater, so from the front, it looked awesome! From behind? Oh, dear me.

      My mother has the best collection of scarves I have ever seen. Lots of vintage scarves she’s kept from before I was born, things she’s bought on trips around the world… One of her personal style rules is that every single outfit can be improved with proper scarf deployment. I tend to agree!

  2. You are ROCKIN that headscarf, girl. In that past I’ve never been able to get it quite right on myself, but you’ve inspired me to give it another go.

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