Your eyes do not deceive you – but mine might.

Scarf: Liberty of London; Top: Mexx; Bandeau: Sirens; Jeans: Le Lis Blanc; Heels: C&A.

This black bandeau I am wearing was the best $2.00 investment ever. I picked up a few of them a while back, and I’ve almost stopped wearing regular bras because these bandeaus are so comfortable, and work under almost everything I own. And, if you’re traveling, they work as a bikini top in a pinch.

I had my eyes tested today. Minimal change. Huzzah! I can’t wait until there is no change, and I can have corrective eye surgery. In any event, my favorite accessory for this outfit are my abnormally large pupils that refuse to dilate in the bright of the sunlight.

Also, I cannot, cannot¬†believe these shoes are from C&A. Because they’re awesome and delightful and lovely and even comfortable.


7 thoughts on “Your eyes do not deceive you – but mine might.

    • It’s super. Feels like buttah, I love having it against my skin. A square scarf like that isn’t usually my cup of tea, but it definitely worked with the outfit!

  1. I’ve tried these shoes in the beginning of Fall and you’re right, they are really comfortable. I almost bought a pair to myself, but decided to stick to my shoe budget instead (silly me!).


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