Weekend Wanderers

Sunglasses: Joe Fresh; Earring: Artisan fair in Brasília; Dress: Enjoy; Flip flops: Havaianas

Pardon me, but… Two hour nap in a hammock? Why that is simply divine, is it not? Drifting to sleep, the strains of campy samba coming from the neighbor’s crappy sound system, fire crackers going off in the distance.

At 5:30 on Saturday morning, my parents and I struggled out of bed and prepared ourselves for a car ride across the Goiás countryside, the destination Pirenópolis. Pirenópolis, a historical tourist town smack dab in the middle of waterfalls, hiking trails, vibrant hues and intoxicating scents.

My parents’ small home in Pirenópolis is a simple one, but with everything you need to enjoy the delights offered by the city and surrounding environment. A place to sleep, hammocks on the veranda for afternoon naps, rocking chairs in the backyard for drinking wine and chatting at dusk, an exercise bike to counteract the excessive food and alcohol typically consumed.

I love the colour of this sheath dress more than I can say. It makes me smile. This dress is what I wore to watch the Cavalcados in Pirenópolis. It is the celebration of the Espirito Santo, and this enormous whack of horses (and cows and bulls) gathered to ride in a horse parade.

This video is ten minutes long. Aside from the horses, there are also a ton of beer drinking cowboys on horseback, cowboys on their iPhones, and cowgirls in stilettos (I love Brazil for that). Oh, and firecrackers.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderers

  1. i’m with you–the color on that dress makes me very happy. and it’s a great color on you naturally, so that seems like a win-win. know what else wins? a hammock nap. glorious.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog that’s sure to* entertain; come on by!)
    *a downright lie.

    • Hammock naps ARE glorious. I wish I could have a hammock nap EVERY DAY. Except that I find napping very difficult to wake up from, so I often wind up sleeping from 4 in the afternoon until midnight… Not the best move ever, lol.

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