Red Lipstick Diaries – Twofers

And then I said: “I’m back to blogging! It’s going to be awesome!” And then I got through a grand total of three posts. And then I was all: “Blogging what?”

Although, I did take some photos, and then I suffered from a terrible camera related issue (technically, it was laziness) that prevented me from uploading the pictures onto my computer. Awful, I know.

Hat: Ardene; Scarf: Club Monaco; Jeans jacket: thrifted from the Ruby Slipper; Dress: Somewhere in Brazil; Cardi: lululemon athletica; Ballet flats: Aldo. Thanks to afoat for the photographic assistance on these ones.

I wore this to nod to Everybody, Everywear. Maxi dress! I’ve worn this dress a few times before, notably to my bestie’s rehersal dinner over the summer months, in 2010. I like the subtle ruffling tiers, but I mostly love the pockets.

Hat: Zara; Scarf: Club Monaco; Hoodie and strapless dress: lululemon athletica; Ruffle vest thingie: Anthropologie; Tights: somewhere random; Boots: Rocketdog; Watch: Gift, giant nerdy G-Shock.

I had my hair done the same day as I posted my last post. It looks nearly exactly the same, except that I have a touch more red in my hair. A touch. I was a bit freaked out about adding it (I was one of those girls in high school is virulently reddish brown hair – added the auburn tones to my tresses because being a ginger at that time was cool), but my stylist reassured me that I wouldn’t walk away with hair that would glow red in the light. Thankfully, that terrible fate was avoided. I’ve recently procured fake blue hair-extensions, and I enjoy popping them in from time to time, just to mix things up. For example, with my recently taken passport pictures.

I hope that I’ll be able to fit a last minute, somewhat unplanned visit to Brazil in June, provided that everything works out according to plan – my passport needs to arrive in time, following this, I need to send my passport to the Brazilian consulate in Toronto following the purchase of a ticket, to receive a tourist visa for the country. Everything expired at the same time, thankfully. The last ten years, I’ve had to carry two passports around with me – the current passport, and the expired passport with the current visa in it. I’m very excited about the prospect of not needing to carry two passports with me. It is such a bother to explain why I have two, particularly when I fly through Chicago.

First photo is from 2001 (I was 19), the second from 2006 (24).

Man alive, I used to have thin eyebrows.

I’m still loving the red lipstick, but I’ve been dressing with intent less often lately. Largely, this is due to working on a few papers my advisor and I are planning on publishing. It’s all very exciting. And I’ve noted that the red lipstick doesn’t go particularly well with the fake blue hair.

A note on the blue, I bought it specifically for tomorrow night. My girl Vexation from the Winnipeg Roller Derby League, is skating with the Backseat Betties tomorrow, and I wanted some Backseat Bettie blue accessories for the first annual Spring Fling WRDL bout. I wish I’d spent more time pulling together an outfit, because I would have happily constructed myself a tutu, and Backseat Bettied myself out completely. As it is, I’m ready to scream my brains out as Sexy Vexy butt blocks, hits and skates her way to infamy. Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Diaries – Twofers

  1. coming to Brazil in June? any chance you’ll be in SP between days 23 and 26? because it’s a feriadão, and I’ll be there, visiting friends.

    please please please please PLEASE be there!!!!

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