The Red Lipstick Diaries – Day 1

Earrings: Gift from my mom? From FOREVER ago. So long, I don’t even remember. Like 14. Tops.
Necklace: Forever XXI.
Jeans jacket: Thrifted from the Ruby Slipper.
Hoodie, Tee-shirt, Tights: lululemon athletica.
Boots: Rocket Dog.
Lipstick: Nars, Red Lizard.

The last time I took outfit pics in this park, the water was hidden under snow and ice. Believe it or not, the area under the water here is the same place where I took all the shots in this post. Such is spring in Winnipeg. Season of dog shit, semi-frozen mud and flooding.

I bought this necklace yesterday, along with the red lipstick (as I mentioned) and some new socks (so that I can put off laundry for a few more days). I love this necklace. I love how it is tangled, and sparkly, but not too sparkly. Expect to see this necklace with frequency, I have many ideas on how to style it.

Today is the first full day of the Red Lipstick Study. I wanted a look that was mostly casual, because I was feeling sufficiently relaxed and mellow that an overly styled look wouldn’t have fit with my mood. I’ve never worn a red lip with a casual outfit before, so it was a bit of a challenge. Keeping it mostly black and white, with touches of silver, topped with a rugged boot and jeans jacket brought this outfit to the perfect balance of cool and casual, without looking too shleppy, or making it appear that the red lipstick was out of place.

Whenever I wear red lipstick, I always feel like a little girl, playing dress-up in mummy’s clothes. I gave a nod to that feeling by wearing the heart earrings. Despite this, I felt pretty and confident stomping around the neighborhood today.

I’m not so secretly desperate to find someone’s kid (preferably belonging to someone I know) and leaving bright red lips on their cheek.


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