Fashion Flirting with Overwhelming whelm.

I decided to try my hand at channeling a ’70s vibe, based on the hat. I felt awesome in this outfit, from the shiny gold shoes to the monochromatic look of different shades of earthy olives and warm ambers. I decided item #30 had to be this jacket. I love it, and want to wear it everywhere all the time. It’s a little military, and a lot of awesome.

I wore this on Saturday night to go and see the King’s Speech (and it was lovely and wonderful and touching and awesome and fantastic and you should probably see it if you haven’t), and since then I haven’t made an effort to dress nicely. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work I have to do over the next few weeks, and something has to give. It might wind up being Fashion Flirt – at least for a little while. I’ll probably still do outfit posts, maybe just not as often as I typically do.

Also, I want everything in the Anthro catalogue. GORGEOUS.


11 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Overwhelming whelm.

  1. honey: take your time. do outfit posts when they’re fun, not when they’re a chore. I love seeing you everyday on my google reader, but I will totally understand if I don’t get your daily updates. fashion blogs are nice when they’re fun, and when they’re not, everyone can tell.

    um beijo!

  2. btw, I totally forgot to tell you, but you look gorgeous on that hat! I love these style of hats, but always thought they would look weird on me. but since they look good on you, and you my body double, I think I might give them a try 😀

  3. Fun hat. I like the whole outfit and I would like to experience a little snow, not too much snow, but a little snow would be fun!

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