Fashion Flirting with Change change change

I had an outfit vision. And I put it on. And it was all wrong. So I changed my vision, and tried again.

And again, I was way off base. This was attempt #3 at putting together an outfit with this skirt, and I think I succeeded in what I wanted – and outfit to showcase my pink lips. I style my hair and makeup based on the lovely Jo’s messy side pony tutorial (from Cup of Jo) and Marian Kihogo’s reporting on the pink lip gold eye trend at the Diane von Furstenburg show.

I attempted to take outdoor shots today. The sun is shining, and it is freezing outside. I made it half-way to the park before turning around and giving up. I’ve been reorganizing my apartment like crazy, and I think the antique goat skin run (my cat’s favorite toy and napping spot) works well in front of my messy bookcase.


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