Fashion Flirting with Mani Monday

Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails with Nylon Simply Strawberry.

I don’t like this polish. I put a picture of the three colours I was caught between on Twitter and asked for votes, and there was a three-way tie between the three colours.

That isn’t supposed to happen. I mean REALLY. I went with the one I was planning on going with before I picked up the other two colours, and it’s felt … wrong on my fingers. Maybe it is too much of a bubblegum shade? A bit too missish?

The other thing I wasn’t overly fond of was the polish itself. It took way too long to fully dry and cease to be tacky. I was getting dents in the polish for 36 hours after application. I was worried that I maybe applied the polish too thickly, but I decided to apply some on my toesies, and made a point of applying it thinly, letting it set between coats, and the same thing happened. Once the polish finally fully set, it is, in fact, hard as nails, as Sally promises.

I think I’ll just wind up using this shade on my feet (where it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it does on my fingers) or maybe to layer with another colour!


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