Fashion Flirting with Dubious Adornments

I’ve been making an effort to smile more in my outfit shots. After all, this blog is supposed to be fun, and I’m not one to take myself seriously. Ever. Seriously. I burst into song and dance in the middle of the grocery store. I skip when the mood strikes. I chase my cat around like an idiot, even if there are people to see. I’ll run outside in my PJs in the middle of the day to pick something up, and I just don’t care. Life is meant to be laughed at.

Why then, do I spend so much time looking balefully into the camera, looking like someone took my lunch money? No idea. Hopefully I’ll find a happy balance between smiles, goofball facial expressions and “I’ve lost my tail and nobody cares.”

I almost used my “mystery item #30” today on my knit Uggs. I even ran out to grab coffee wearing them. I offset the fugliness of my footwear with the awesomeness of my Jonathan Adler mug (that I won from Kate at Undeniable Style) and the fabulousness of my multi-strand beaded necklace from Aldo. I decided to wear the necklace under the neckline of the American Apparel dress, and tucked under the oversized cardi. I shy away from wearing the necklace for the most part, because it is such a statement piece, but wearing it like this reduces the impact of the piece quite a bit. I dig it.


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