Fashion Flirting with Links o’ Love

There’s something about spending time at the cottage that really helps you to renew and recharge. Curling up with a book, listening to water lap at the shore. This cottage, off the grid, and on an island off the coast of Maine, would be the perfect getaway with a teeny tiny little environmental footprint. Bliss.

This chair is awesome. I especially love the lembrancinhas on the back: the Bahia chair.

Hahahaha. This article makes me love Bikram – the man AND the yoga – even more! And makes me laugh a little bit. I’ll admit my last few classes it has been a challenge to not look for all those Bikram boners!

Ari from Advanced Style (one of my favorite style blogs) advises a young gay man from South Carolina on how to survive – nay, thrive – in the light of bullying. A thoughtful and beautiful piece of advice.

Wanna be grossed out? Check out Serious Eats’ Frog Soup recipe. The pictures of the Frankenfrog definitely had me grimacing! I’d definitely try the soup, though. I like frog. Tastes like chicken, but better.

Would you ever consider cooking meals for your pets?

Need to help the man in your life match his shirt to his tie? Want to learn how to do it for yourself (maybe wearing one of E’s lady ties, for example)? EveryGuyed has put together an awesome How To guide on matching shirts and ties that is well worth the read, even if you don’t have to match shirts and ties.

Fun! I’ve been included in Kimberly’s February Outfit Inspiration Calendar! On February 19, remember to stay warm with a fun hat.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. No, really. I’m sorry. I’m SORRY! Want to know how to apologize better? A quick and easy “How to” on apologizing.

What the world needs to make it a better place is more ukulele. Don’t believe me? Jake Shimabukuro plays “Bohemian Rhapsody” on his ukulele, and it definitely brought a smile to my face.

In fact, if you need inspiration, motivation or something to fill your time, watch to the talks on TED. They’re well worth a listen, and might change your life.

I love this post from Le Love. I’ve had it open in my browser since it was posted, and I’ve reread it at least ten times. I know the feeling described. I think we all do.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Links o’ Love

  1. Thank you for the Everyguyed link. I have no trouble with matching ties to shirts, until I get the desire to mix patterns. So far, I think I’ve come up with only one successful pairing.

    Still, I persevere!

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