Fashion Flirting with Stripes of Monochromaticalia*

Earrings: Estasi (Brazil)
Sweater: Winners
Button up: “Stolen”  from friend A.
Tinkerbell pin: Gift from my mom
Skirt: The Gap
Bracelets: silver cirles by Matzu, faceted beads by Aldo, handcuffs by BrooklynThread
Ring: Street fair in Brazil
Tights: Lupo (Brazil)
Grey patent leather pumps: Arezzo (Brazil)

Friend A. has been going through his closet, and only keeping things that fit and look good on him. Yay A.! I nabbed this black textured button up, thinking I would alter it to fit from boxy boy button up to curvy girl button up. I haven’t done anything yet, but wanted to wear it today. I tried tucking it in, but that gave me something of a lollipop look that was incredibly unflattering. I was going to pin the shirt in the back, but that made the front look all gapey and weird. Then I realized that I could nip in the waist in the front, make an interesting gathered detail and showcase my Tinkerbell pendant/pin that my mother gave to me years ago and I have never worn. Voila, this is the result. I dig it.

I gather that today (my posts are delayed by one day) is the “Everybody wear Breton Stripes” day. These aren’t Breton stripes. But they’re stripes. And I haven’t worn this sweater in a while, so … Outfit officially pulled together, booyah monochromatics!

*I invented this word. It means nothing.


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