Fashion Flirting with Shleppy Shelp Shlep

Rainbow scarf: Handmade by a friend
Purple cardi: Joe
Tee shirt (layered) and yoga pants: lululemon athletica
Oversized tank: Ardene
Floral boots: Doc Marten

I tried to recreate (with my own spin) the awesome “fancy shleppy yoga pants” look that Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk so skillfully created over the weekend for my slightly shleppy around-the-house look. I didn’t really achieve the look, and I still look like a shleppy shlep shlep. But that’s OK because my scarf is extra awesome.

I’d forgotten all about this bad boy, and as I was searching my room for where I’d stashed my Epsom salts for an “Emergency DOMS-related Epsom salt soak,” the bright rainbow colours caught my eye. This is the very first time I’ve worn it, and I’m so happy I did because it brought smiles to my face all day long.

Despite my shleppyness! Or maybe because of it…

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