Fashion Flirting with Being Annoyed

I try really hard to let the things that annoy me, but don’t hurt or upset me, slide. I set a daily intention of joy in my life, and annoyance doesn’t fit within that intention. However, I have a natural proclivity for annoyance, irritation and insta-rageTM.

Most recently, two things have been on my “annoyance radar.” A horrible Etsy seller, who has neither sent the items that I’ve purchased, or replied to any of the emails, conversations, complaints, reports or disputes I’ve sent or lodged. Their positive feedback score, as of yesterday, dropped below 70%, the majority of the negative replies state the exact same frustrating situation I’m in. I purchased four prints from this seller in mid-December. I’m following all the recommended steps for buyers (filed a report with Etsy, filed a dispute with Paypal), and I hope that I get my money back soon. I’m letting my annoyance of this situation go, I’m doing what I can to take control of it. I hope that Etsy shuts the shop down, and if they don’t, I simply hope that the Etsy seller will figure out their shit so they stop disappointing their customers.

My other annoyance is one that dawned on me last night. My favorite running sports bra, the All Sport Bra from lululemon athletica, has, after using it regularly for less than four months, caused chaffing. It’s been visible in some of my outfit shots since the worst of it happened.

Here’s the rub (pun intended). I bought this All Sports Bra while I was still an employee of lululemon. I wore it a few times (one or two runs), then I forgot about it. I rediscovered the bra and all its awesomeness in October after my bout with bronchitis. I am still close friends with many of the staff, and most of the management team. I feel really weird about going to my local store (what the company recommends when there’s an issue with an item) because I feel like I’m taking advantage of my relationship with the staff to get what I want. To be honest, I don’t really know what I want out of this situation. It is the best sports bra I own, and I would like to replace it, but I don’t trust that the same thing won’t happen again after four months of use.

I’m trying to not be too upset about the scar. It isn’t very big, and will, as my friend A. pointed out, fade over time until I don’t notice it anymore. On top of that, and most importantly, the scar isn’t preventing me from running, practicing yoga, swimming, going to the gym, or any of the things I love to do. However, my breasts are already scarred from having a major reduction. It took me a long time to learn to love those scars, to see them as a part of me, to accept that my breasts will always be marred, and that they are still sexy and wonderful. Not in spite of the scars, but because of them. This is the first time I’ve had a scar on my breasts since I had my “Aha!” moment, and I can feel the old insecurities wanting to rush back.

I’m not going to let them.

What do you do when presented with a frustrating situation? When the item you purchase doesn’t live up to your expectation? If something you’ve purchased actually causes bodily harm?

Edited to Add:

24-hours have passed since my little temper tantrum on Twitter and here on Fashion Flirt (ugh, embarrassing). Now is time to eat crow. As Natalie mentioned in the comments section, sometimes chaffing happens. It is no one’s fault I have a predisposition to scar badly or that I don’t notice chaffing until after I get into the shower. Not my fault, and certainly not lululemon’s.

I lost my temper. I mentioned the “Insta-Rage” above – that’s EXACTLY what happens to me. I get angry really quickly, stay angry for a short period of time, calm down quickly, and then realize that I was acting like a dumbass. I am generally pretty good at keeping a handle on my freak-outs, and not letting them go very far, but yesterday I lost all control (I jokingly blame my ovaries, although my monthly visit from Aunt Flow did start this morning).

My point is, lululemon did nothing wrong. In fact, they dealt with it exactly the way they should have. Asked for feedback, passed it along to the designers. What else should they do? Offer to replace the bra? No, that would be silly. Why would they? The likelihood that the same thing will happen is pretty high (chaffing). That’s not THEIR fault, nor is it the bra’s fault. The product didn’t even do anything wrong. Chaffing happens! Man, I lost a toe nail last week, should I blame my running shoes just because it happened? No. It is a well known issue for runners.

The only person who did something wrong in this entire situation is me. I lost my temper, and didn’t recognize that until this morning. I’m sorry that I exposed anyone who reads this blog to the uglier side of my personality, and I’m sorry that I went a little crazy with the “blamey blame blame” towards lululemon. As I’ve mentioned, they’re a fantastic company, they treat their employees brilliantly, and they make fantastic clothing.

The good thing about the entire debacle is that I’ve been reminded that temper + internet = bad combination. Silly, Rebecca.

In short: I’m sorry. That is all.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Being Annoyed

  1. I absolutely agree that your undergarments shouldn’t break the skin, but have you tried BodyGlide? D has some lulu shorts that will randomly chafe him sometimes, and the only explanation I can think of is that they might have been hiked a little higher or lower, or he might have an extra 1/8 of an inch around his belly. In any case, BodyGlide does seem to save the day (and it saved me for years from bra chafeage!)

    I hope things get sorted out with the lulu peeps and that you get some sort of satisfactory outcome from it all!

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