Fashion Flirting with My Monday Manicure

Many of my most favoritest bloggesses (blog + goddess = bloggesses) feature their manicures, such as the lovely Hillary from By Hillary (some of my favorites are here, here and here), and I always enjoy reading about them. I like nails. I never used to like getting manicures done until I moved to Brazil, where the esthetics industry is both cheap and good (not dissimilar to borsht), and my mom and I started getting weekly mani/pedis.

Typically, living in Canada, my nails wind up naked. I can’t really afford regular manicures and pedicures (although if I splurge on one or the other, it will almost invariably be on a pedicure). I do have a large-ish collection of nail polish, and have inherited my father’s steady, sturdy surgeon hands. A bit of practice, and I think I’ll manage to one day apply polish as beautifully as Miss Hillary.

This manicure took four layers of polish – two of the Graffiatto from the Brazilian shoe company Arezzo, and two of Silver Star by Gosh. I kind of surprised myself with this manicure, because typically I’m not a fan of dark colours on my nails, and I’ve never really liked sparkles. I bought Silver Star to wear for New Year’s Eve last year (four coats to get an incredibly sparkly lacquered look), and it has sat in my polish drawer ever since.

The Graffiato, despite being one of my favorite toe polish colours, has a terrible brush, making it difficult to wield neatly, and doesn’t apply very evenly. It had to be covered with something else to cover the bad quality of the polish, and Silver Star won that dubious honour. I really like the look of the manicure.

Feels like a party on my fingers!

Mr. Fly wishes you a happy week from within his protective sparkly circle.


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