Fashion Flirting with a chain LINK fence.

I love black and white outfits, but I always worry about the lack of colour – so when I saw this wonderful black and white outfits with an adorable green flower pin? I swooned in delight.

I love to tweet (are you following me on Twitter, yet?), I love the character limits, the short, effective messages, the absurd hilarity you find, the ability to interact with people you’ll likely never meet. This Amsterdam based company also loves Twitter… so much so they want to marry it! Well, sort of: you can put your favorite tweet on a ring. They’re fantastic. (via Design Milk)

There are many reasons why I subscribe to style blogs in lieu of fashion mags, this is just another nail in the proverbial coffin. Colour me INCREDIBLY unimpressed.

DIY projects are tons of fun, and if well executed, in the style-blogosphere at least, can get you a lot of attention. Popular in Cameroon, these DIY recycled “remote control” toy cars are rocking my world. (via MAKEzine)

Stylish White Female was one of the very first style blogs I started reading. I’ve loved almost every single outfit she’s put together. This ’70s inspired outfit (and I don’t like ’70s inspired looks, mind) is sheer perfection. I love every part of it, and kind of want a pair of red, wide-leg trousers now.

Almost everyone I read who has an iPhone and a style blog, has at one time forgotten their camera and taken their outfit pics with their iPhone. This is a seemingly easy hack for creating an iPhone tripod. And speaking of iPhones, this is an awesome DIY iPhone hack!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I want this skirt.

Speaking of things I’d like, I’m also completely onboard with this S’mores (key)board. Om nom nom nom.

My friends and I really like to play board games. One board game that we really really love to play is called Scribblish. Because it is so very hilarious, because we laugh non-stop when we play, because Scribblish is fantastically awesome, one of those friends started a Scribblish Tumblr, posting our games, and any games that have been submitted. You should check it out.

This is an incredibly useful How To Guide on what to do if you’re having a dinner party and one of your guests has a gluten intolerance.

On a more sombre note, the Big Picture has posted 41 photos of the landslides in Brazil. They affected me quite a bit, partly because I leave my heart in Brazil every time I come back to Canada.

The Kitchn has posted a Weekend Meditation on how to nourish yourself in a time of sorrow that is uplifting and reminds you that even though things can be sad, there is brightness, life and wonder a bit further down the road.


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