Fashion Flirting with Ways to Accessorize a Button Up

As I was lounging around, I realized that I wanted to play a bit of dress-up without actually changing my clothes. I’ve been struggling with ways to wear this particular button up. I love it, but it just doesn’t seem to work with anything other than a pair of jeans and how I styled it today. That feels really limited to me. I dislike limits. Limits are made to be surpassed.

The Über Nerd Chic

When I tweeted that I was wearing a pocket protector, I received two replies about the sexiness of pocket protectors, and various texts about the awesomeness of pocket protectors (truth, I have crafting supplies in my pocket protector, it keeps them handy and keeps the pocket strong, so the tools don’t ruin the look of the shirt overmuch). Instantly, I buttoned up all my buttons, and decided to über nerd-out. Then, I ran out to grab my mail, as one of my neighbors was coming home. He looked at me and enthused about how awesome it was that I wearing pocket protector.

The Neckoration

I don’t have many necklaces like this, but I really love the effect of layering a big necklace under the collar and over the shirt. Generally, I tend to wear big necklaces like these under button ups, only just peeking out. Making it the focus of an outfit almost calms down the busy print.

Cravat Back At Cha

If I wasn’t playing dress-up, I think I’d go for a silkier fabric, but the explosion of fun fabric coming out from under the collar is a really neat way to add to a button up, and nod at menswear while still looking feminine and pretty.

Belt It Up (But Somewhere Unexpected)

It is no secret I like to belt things under the bust – I’ve done it time and time again. I really like the babydoll effect belting something under the bust will help to create. Somedays I don’t want to see my waist.

Beads Galore!

Surprise! Shine! Sparkle! Why not add something that doesn’t quite fit? For example, my enormous bead and chain necklace. Wearing something like this over the shirt was just WAY too much going on, but sneaking it in underneath adds a bit of class and a bit of sass to a casual button up.

And now I might even consider making this shirt part of the Winter Edition of Kendi’s 30*30 Wardrobe Remix. I might just.


8 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Ways to Accessorize a Button Up

  1. The software engineer in me fully supports pocket protectors!

    I love that first picture! I think that glasses would have really rounded out the nerd look though!

  2. I hope you join the challenge! It was seriously the best blog related thing I’ve done…it was sooo much fun, and forced my to come out of my little bubble a bit more!
    I’m going to publish your Canadian Cutie Answers tomorrow!!

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