Fashion Flirting with “At least they aren’t PJs!”

Cardigan: Joe
Plaid Button Up: Upcycled, originally GANT
Cotton Legging Gym Johns: lululemon athletica
Necklace: Handmade

I’ve been a bit … under the weather, shall we say, the last few days. I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit, except the cardigan was replaced by a turquoise flannel PJ top from La Senza, the upcycled button up replaced by a black cotton camisole from Victoria Secret, and the Gym Johns replaced with a pair of apple green reindeer PJ pants from Joe. As you can see, the exact same outfit.

I’m finally feeling over the weather, and the weather decided to support my over the weatherness by making it sunny and gorgeous. I have no intention of putting on shoes today, or even leaving my pad – I’ll save that for tomorrow. Because I’m apartment bound, and also feeling lazy, I decided that Photobooth was going to be my photographic machine of the day.

Regular posts will resume tomorrow!

Also, there are still two spots left in my 2011: Year of the Handmade. I made this necklace. You might get some just like it, you’ll never know unless you sign up!


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