Fashion Flirting with Something Handmade

I’ve been following my various friends on the interwebs take part in this awesome idea for 2011, and today I decided I wanted to participate.

Here are my rules:

  • First five people to leave a comment with a valid email addy will get something handmade by yours truly before 2011 is over.
  • You can live anywhere in the world, I don’t mind in the least.
  • Consider paying it forward, but if you don’t I won’t be fashed about it – don’t feel like you HAVE to make something for other people in order to sign up over here.
  • If you’ve already agreed to do this on your blog, or signed up somewhere else, you can still sign up on mine!

And … that’s pretty much it.  Simple, yeah?

What’ll you get?  I make jewelry with semi-precious Brazilian stones and/or feathers, I knit and make various and sundry other things.  If you have metal, feather or wool allergies, consider letting me know about them.  I’ll check out your blog and try and design something with your unique style in mind!



11 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Something Handmade

  1. 😀

    me, me, me! pick me!

    (I have to admit I hardly ever wear jewelry, but on the other hand I love wool, and everything that reminds me of winter:))

    beijo :***

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