Fashion Flirting with Links!

Oh my gosh.  HILARIOUS and AWESOME.  Rice Krispiehenge.

I struggle with my budget, I struggle with not buying anything.  And here Sara comes to save the day with an awesome flow chart: Orchids in Buttonholes’ Shopping Flowchart.  You better believe I’m printing out this flowchart for regular consultation.

Cylon. Toilet paper. Dispenser. I am so impressed by this! Yes, yes, yes… I am a huge Sci-Fi nerd.

“Honey, I think we should get engaged on Valentines Day so that we never need to spring for a Valentines Day dinner ever again!  You game?”

Do these cupcakes not look like the most delicious and fantastic cupcakes of all time?

This is kind of ridiculous. I’m all for making sure that young children don’t choke to death, but banning a candy outright because of the risk?  Just advertise choking hazard or “3+ only” on the box.  It isn’t like Kinder Eggs have the toys embedded in the chocolate or anything.

In this house I would love to live.

Do you ever feel, as a style or fashion blogger, pressured to know everything about style, about fashion, about designers?  Bryanboy comes up against this mentality at Rio’s Fashion Week – why should he want to be surprised by fashion when he should know it all already?

Hey Mom?  Are you reading this blog, Mom?  If you are, and you feel like your darling, wonderful, sweet and loving daughter deserves a gift, these would be excellent and most appreciated. (via Design Milk).

I love browsing through all pictures from The Big Picture, and this collection of photos of Haiti one year after the earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of Haitians are no exception.

Are you one of the many wonderful folk participating in Blue Collar Catwalk’s Sweaty Wednesdays?  If you are (or really, even if you aren’t), and one of your goals has to do with running, Ashley from (never home)maker has put together an awesome post on treadmill workouts that won’t bore you to death.

Speaking of Blue Collar Catwalk, Kyla has introduced the Blue Collar Catwalk Collective.  She’s calling for reader submissions of outfits that cost $100.00 or less to create.  Check it out and consider making a submission!  It’s going to be awesome and inspiring to see what budget savvy fashionistas put together.

My friend A. sent this to me.  And I laughed.  Oh, I laughed.

I am so excited for this book to arrive.  SO excited.  I love grammar, and I am a bit of a grammar grump (I broke up with someone once because they didn’t know the difference between they’re, there and their…  there were other reasons, I’m not a complete bitch).

Another link my friend A. sent to me: portraits of bloggers blogging in their blog spaces, Putting Faces to URLs.

I can go on and on about the health benefits of not eating as much tofu as most vegetarians/vegans do (I know, I was there), but I’ve never made the environmental argument quite as succinctly as Emily Ho from theKitchn does.

Looking for funny (and awesome) Valentine’s Cards?  Sew Dandee, a Winnipeg-based Etsy store, sells extremely tongue-in-cheek cards for all occasions, but the V-Day cards are some of their best.


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