Fashion Flirting with Precociously Purple, Absolutely Aubergine, Excellently Eggplant

Earrings: Gift from Paternal Granny
Necklace: I made this!
Oversized cardi: Joe
Button Dress: Bambata (Brazil)
Ring: Random jewelry stand in Brazil (ie: don’t remember)
Bangle: Aldo
Shoes: Jump, from Town Shoes

Today was just one of those days that I wanted to dress like I was going to a party in a library.  This dress was a gift from my mother.  She brought it with her when she flew to Canada from Brazil to take care of me after my breast reduction.  An LBD for my new, de-boobified state, she said.  The length isn’t quite right, but I love the button details down the front of the dress, and scattered along the sides.

I hadn’t realized how perfectly the colour from this cardi works with my Most Favorite Shoes Ever, these purple cuffed heels from Jump.  To think I almost passed on them.  Foolishness!

Lastly, I want to draw attention to my little moon stone ring.  I learned of moon stone when I first moved to Brazil.  Most Brazilians like crystals and glittery things, be they spiritual or decorative (or both!).  I hadn’t realized that moon stone (in theory) changes colour with the phases of the moon, is supposed to increase a woman’s fertility.  I really like the idea of a stone being linked to the moon, like the tides.

It is the only piece of moon stone I own, and I don’t wear it very often.  But I’m missing my good friend, the moon.  Nights in Winnipeg have been overcast, and I haven’t seen her in a while.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Precociously Purple, Absolutely Aubergine, Excellently Eggplant

  1. I love, love, love the button detail on your dress. Adorable! And I’m not too familiar with moonstones, but it sounds right up my alley– how cool!

    • The button detail is definitely my favorite part. Well, it also has kind of a flapper feel to it. Might use this dress as part of next year’s Hallowe’en costume, and dress up as a flapper. I was playing with my hair, and managed some random ’20s style and it REALLY looked like it came from the ROARING ’20s, lol.

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