Fashion Flirting with Asymmetrically Awesome

Hat: I made this!
Earrings: Honestly? No idea. Somewhere in Brazil
Purple Cardi: Aritzia
Yellow Scoop Neck Tank: lululemon athletica
Silk stripe skirt: Zara (2004)
Skull Ring: Out of the Blue
Tights: Mom’s closet
Boots: Rocketdog

In the second last picture you can see by the expression on my face how uncomfortable I am.  You’ll note my right eyelid is swollen and red?  I have a stye.  Actually, I’ve had two styes in the last week, same eyelid, different locations.  This is why I’ve been wearing glasses for the last week or so.  And will continue to do so until it resolves itself.  I’m owning how unsymmetrical my eyes are as a result – at least I’m trying to.  My ego has taken a huge blow (I happen to think that is a good thing, actually – for your ego to take a big blow from time to time), and I feel an uncharacteristic self-consciousness.  It’s silly, it isn’t TOO bad, I know it, but I can’t help it.

To try and celebrate my swollen eyelid, I wore this skirt – asymmetrical and awesome as a result.


8 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Asymmetrically Awesome

  1. OUCH! Oh lady, sorry to hear about the styes – those little monsters. But way to turn it around by wearing that marvelous skirt!

    • Happy news! The stye is nearly healed (yay!). I love this skirt. I originally bought it to wear to lounge night at a bar in Ottawa – used to go every Wednesday night, and dance to the Rat Pack… 100% awesome. But I haven’t worn it since then. 6 years of holding on to it without wearing. Makes me really glad when I wear things I haven’t worn in years!

    • Huzzah! I am (vainly) thrilled that you didn’t! I like to wear brights in the depths of winter. Partly because it is so unexpected, and partly because it brings smiles to people’s faces.

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