Fashion Flirting with ‘Za!

Hat: Ardene
Scarf: Club Monaco
Cardigan: Joe
Tee-shirts: white and purple layered underneath both from lululemon athletica
Jeggings: lululemon athletica
Socks: stolen from brother
Boots: Rocketdog
Necklaces:  Out of the Blue

I made this pizza.  The dough is (Never)HomeMaker’s Pumpkin Pizza Dough, and it is amazing pizza dough (dear Ashley and Stephen: THANK YOU for posting that recipe… it’s freaking delicious, and the moistness of the dough is insane… no dry pizza dough for us).  Instead of pizza sauce, I used bruschetta, and the toppings were roasted red peppers and pizza pepperoni (we were originally going to use spicy genoa salami, but a late night snack-attack on Friday night made us change our plans a bit for Sunday night dinner).

I can’t believe I made this.  Further, I can’t believe I made this and it was good.  I’m still in a state of shock.  I can make pizza from scratch.  Holy cow.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with ‘Za!

    • Thanks! I wore it to a wedding this summer. It’s one of those necklaces that you can sculpt and create neat designs with – it turned into a wedding “toy.” Guests would come up and remold it the way they would want to throughout the reception. Good times!

  1. Your pizza is very pretty looking and the dough is raised.It looks very good.Also love the boots.Really neat.

    • I’ll have to make pizza for you and Dad next time I’m home. I know Dad doesn’t like delivery! I’ll make the most delicious, healthful, from scratch pizza EVER. The dough turned out incredibly well! Next, for pizza at least, is to learn how to make a thin crust!


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