Fashion Flirting with Links

I am doing these ’30s inspired hairstyles from Le Blog de Big Beauty like whoa.  Even if you don’t speak French, the video is a great tutorial.

This windmaker appeases my inner environmentalist, my inner math-nerd and my inner design snob. I would love one in my apartment.  Gorgeous.

These designs are fantastic. Cleverly done, brilliantly executed… I am beyond impressed.  At first glance they are deceptively simplistic, but upon closer examination, you can see the science that went into the design.

I love my city.  So many parts are so beautiful.  Like this church.

I would wear this.  And make use of it. And bask in the geeky wonderfulness of it all.

Hey, check it out: Starbucks has changed their logo and I don’t hate it! So often corporations will change their totally iconic logos, and I wind up hating them (for a while, at least…). Seemingly, I hate change (except I don’t). (via

This is my eco-friendly reusable black tote bag.

One of my favorite things about Serious Eats is that they evaluate pizza joints (and burgers and other assorted and sundry delicious food purveyors). They recently evaluated the pizza you can buy at … Costco? Sure. Why not?

I would love for these lights to adorn my local streets.  Hell, even my apartment.  They’re glorious and beautiful.

Two words: Cupcake ukulele.


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