Fashion Flirting with Antiquity… Inspiration.

Hat and black tank (top layer): Ardene
Earrings: Gift from my brother forever ago
Necklace and ring: Christmas gift from my mother, 2004
Charm bracelet and bangle: family heirlooms 😉
Black wrap, black tank (bottom layer) and black tights: lululemon athletica
Boots: Town Shoes

I wanted to feel in the now, and rooted in the past, so I chose a modern cut flowy tank paired with jewelry that made me think of yore.  All the silver has tarnished a little bit so it looks like I’ve liberated everything from an antique store.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Antiquity… Inspiration.

  1. wow beautiful collection of jewelwry. the charm bracelets are very unique. i have a huge love actually for charm bracelets. i find them one of the best ways to personilize your jewelery.

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