Fashion Flirting with Charming You

Hat: Out of the Blue
Earrings: handmade by a friend
Cardigan: The Gap
Long Sleeve Black Tee: Aritzia
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind
Charm Bracelet: Gift from my mother!
Handcuff Bracelet: Brooklynthread
Boots: Town Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, my wedding shower attire.  My BFF in from Vancouver (until tomorrow morning…  sad face) and I drove out to our friend’s country home, ate, drank, watched her open shower gifts, and watched deer eat feed in her backyard.  Idyllic doesn’t even begin to cover it.

This charm bracelet was gifted to me by my mother.  She’s had it forever.  Every charm has a story.  I love it.  I’m so happy I found it during my great apartment clean of 2010.  I wear it, and I feel like she’s in Winnipeg, not Brazil.  If I ever have a daughter, I will give it to her.  I have a lot of my mother’s jewelry, but above all else, this I treasure.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with Charming You

    • Thanks! I love it when people comment on my skin – it has been a long battle to get to this point in luminosity and clear skin.

      I have 4 slouchy hats, and am always looking for more. I ADORE them. They don’t really mess with your hair, so they’re the perfect hat to put on while running around because you’re really unlikely to wind up with hat head!

  1. AWE Rebecca! It makes me feel so good to see that you are using my charm bracelet.It was given to me for Christmas the year I went into nursing school1967.I got the cat for my birthday 1968,good luck 71,lobster trap 72,lighthouse 73,europe trip 74 I got a charm from every country I visited.My parents gave me the string around the finger to always remember them.The HI was when I graduated from the sweet.You should add your charms to the bracelet too and then it will really become a heirloom piece.Love you.Mom

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