Fashion Flirting with My Silly (Dumbassed) Forgetfulness.

I left my computer charger in the lab in my department… My locked department. Would you believe that I forgot I own two other fully functional computers in my apartment. I apologize in advance for the photo overload in my dumbass post.

Outfit of Christmas Eve:

Scarf: belt from a dress
Sweater: The Gap
Dress: Cori (Brazil)
Tights: Hue
Shoes (not pictured): Aldo

Winter Wonderland Outfit:

Hat & Wrap: lululemon athletica
Scarf: ebay
Mittens: Out of the Blue
Dress: Joe Fresh Style
Tights: Lupo (Brazil)
Floral Boots: Doc Marten
Necklace: Gift (it’s antique!)
Ring: Out of the Blue

Black Swan Outfit:

Hat: Out of the Blue
Shirt: Sacada (Brazil)
Dress: Aritzia
Boots: Le Chateau
Earrings: Handmade by a friend
Bracelet: BrooklynThread (Christmas gift from a bestie!)

One of the best gifts I received for Christmas this year was a GorillaPod!  I’m so excited to use it.  It has been attached to my camera from the moment I brought it home.  Because it makes my camera look like a robot, I’ve decided to name my camera.  Not sure what I’ll be naming it, but I will be!

Now that I’ve got my iBook up and running until I get my MacBook charger back, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Fashion Flirt posts moving forward!  Hope that the Christmas-specific holidays were wonderful for those who celebrate it.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with My Silly (Dumbassed) Forgetfulness.

  1. B. your stickler for wee details friend here.

    The dates on your posts confound me. Have I slept through the first several months of 2011? Is your blog in a time warp? I need to regain equilibrium somehow.

    Also, iBook? I’m impressed. Mine is still around somewhere, sans video capacity, I’m considering turning into an external storage device.

    Finally, it makes me happy to see someone got you the handcuff clasp bracelet, it was a certainty that you should have it.


    • Yeah, mine is sans video capacity also. And slow, slow, slow. But in a pinch, it worked out rather perfectly. And I was really surprised by the battery life – 3-4 hours for a 6 year old lappy? Wicked.

      We Canadians date things DIFFERENTLY. I’ve always thought it needs to go DAY, MONTH then YEAR. Smallest to biggest.

      I agree with you on the handcuff bracelet. Now, I just need to get a pair of handcuff earrings (a friend of mine has a pair and they are awesome), and a handcuff necklace to wear with my anatomically correct heart pendant. I found a gold handcuff necklace while I was in Brazil, but declined because it was gold. Regrets, I have a few.


      • Of course I realized that you Canadians date things differently (and I would assert CORRECTLY) moments after posting. I was too lazy to correct myself.

        Your blog is good fun, B!

      • You are right, my blog IS good fun! I’m glad you’re reading it, actually. I’m only just now feeling OK with my IRL people knowing about Fashion Flirt (I have NO idea why, it isn’t like I’ve ever hidden the fact that I like to take pictures of myself OR that I’m silly and love clothing).

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