Fashion Flirting with Link to the loo my darling

You know what I love?  I LOVE big curly hair.  Check out these amazing pictures of gorgeous women and their big hair styles.

Um.  Can we talk for just a second about this Gucci inspired look and how PHENOMENAL it is?  I’m dying of cuteness.

Kendi finishes her 30*30 Remix Challenge with an outfit that is so incredibly gorgeous I might have squealed a teeny tiny bit.

I less than three this calendar so hard it hurts.  How was your day? Calendar, for less than $14.00.  Pictures here, or buy it from the Brigada Creativa Etsy shop.

These pictures are amazing, intense and beautiful.  Over half made me tear up, several made me full out cry.  2010 in photographs, and only part one of three.

I would really like to have a nice long soak in ANY of these tubs, but the second one is my favorite.

When I first read this post I thought to myself: I wish I’d had a party like this when I was 4! Then I started thinking about it and I realized that I would love to have a birthday party like this next year for my 30th!

Diana Eng was one of my all time favorite designers on Project Runway, and she’s continued with her brilliance after the show.  She’s just started selling repurposed leather fortune cookie change purses, and I’m in love.

I’ll admit to being a bit fan of Foie Gras.  I was devastated when I first learned (from PETA) of the unethical treatment of ducks on Foie Gras farms around the world.  Serious Eats was invited to explore the Bella Bella Foie Gras duck farm, and wrote a lengthy and informative post on how the ducks are treated, with extensive photographs and even video footage of gavage (force feeding the ducks).  To be honest, I’d allowed the stories fed to us by PETA and other animal rights groups to affect me so much, I never bothered doing my own research to see if, perhaps, they tales might be sensationalistic and exaggerated.  I’m not pleased I let myself get carried away by those stories (“I’ll NEVER eat Foie Gras again, even if it IS delicious!” etc), but I am glad that I’ve been reminded that there are always two sides to every story, and I need to remember to seek them out.  Mostly, I’m glad that I can happily resume eating Foie Gras without the moral quandary presenting itself with every delicious mouthful.

You know how sometimes you find what you need when you need it?  Such is the case with this post on making it happen by Nubby Twiglet.

Oh. My. God.  Best fridge DIY refurb EVER.  I am so doing this with my fridge.

I love sci-fi nerd Christmas trees more than any other kind of Christmas tree!

Word, yo.  Word.


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