Fashion Flirting with My Inner Hipster Preppy Je Ne Sais Quoi

I am extremely entertained by each and every one of these pictures.  Hilarious.

Last night’s concert was phenomenal.  The Weakerthans, a local band (John Samson, the front man, was formerly with Propaghandi, left that band to start a cooperative publication company, then started the Weakerthans) had four concerts in a row.  At each concert they played one of their albums.  First concert, first album, second concert, second album, etc.  My BFF L (with whom I jumped out of a plane) and I went to the fourth concert, which was supposed to be their fourth album.

When John Samson came onstage, he introduced himself, talked about the concept of the concert series, then dropped the bomb on us:

Tonight, though, we thought that maybe we would play all four albums, starting with the fourth, ending with the first, and taking an intermission between albums three and two.

It should come as a complete lack of a surprise that the crowd went wild, and we had a three hour and forty minute concert (not including the openers, Invisible Cities, who were awesome … and the lead singer had the best outfit on, with the best earrings…  I’ve been inspired and must find the components to her outfit so that I can recreate it).  It was a bit rough at times, but it was also a veritable musical marathon, where the Weakerthans played their entire freaking repertoire.

Lots of laughs, too.  The one that made me laugh the hardest was this line, with two songs left until the end of the concert:

For obvious reasons, there will be no encore.

Every one was in a phenomenal mood.  Including me.  Great night.

Hat: Zara (Brasília)
Blazer: Luigi Bertoli (Brasília)
Cardi: The Gap
Tunic: Aritzia
Jeggings: lululemon athletica
Socks: stolen from brother
Heels: Arezzo (Brasília)
Necklace: random hippie store
Ring: HS Grad ring


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