Fashion Flirting with My 1st Post-30 30*30 shoes

This outfit has to work for school then my friend’s play tonight.  And it inadvertently was perfect for a surprise meeting with a great friend whom I haven’t seen in months.

I was standing in line at Starbucks, frustrated as the woman in front of me kept screwing up her order, no less than six times.

Oh, I meant soy.

No, I didn’t mean soy.  I want the one with the spices and whole milk.

No, I mean, I want the spices one with soy, and the other one with whole milk.

No, that’s not what I want at all!  Hot chocolate with soy and the spices one with milk, but no whipped cream on either.

No, I meant whipped cream on both!

Actually, I want whipped cream on the hot chocolate with whole milk, and no whipped cream on the latte with spices and soy.

I even tweeted about it, I was so frustrated.  But then, as we were both waiting for our drinks to be ready, the woman turned to me and said: You know, if my daughter, who lives in New York City, saw your skirt and heels, she would try and steal them from you they’re so fabulous. So I replied that it was a dress, and she asked if I would unzip my jacket so that she could see how I styled it, and informed me that I look simply fabulous.

As I tweeted, my frustration all but disappeared.  Moments later, as if the universe was giving me a gift for getting over my frustration, my friend Jen walked in, and we had an amazing hour long chat, catching up about every little thing.  I’ve missed her horribly, and now I feel fantastic after our catch up.

In other, completely unrelated news, I was planning on attempting to wearing nothing of my 30*30 pieces for at least 30 days, but I realized I simply cannot make that happen.  I can’t completely give up my 6 most favorite pairs of shoes for 30 days any more than I could give up coffee!

Hat: lululemon athletica (yes, it is the same as the one I wore earlier in the week, just in a different colour)
Chambray top: Shoulder (I accidentally stole this from my mother – and it was ACTUALLY accidental this time.  Borrowed it in September from her, and it wound up in my suitcase … Sorry Momma, I promise to give it back to you the next time we see each other!)
Belt: Shoulder
Dress: Melanie Lynn (another dress I bought to wear to a wedding, and haven’t worn in years, so I decided to try and dress it down… It is also my FABULOUS FRIDAY item!)
Tights: Hue or something?
Shoes: Jump from Town Shoes

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