Fashion Flirting with Linky-poos!

Have you ever wondered how you could survive a Zombie Apocalypse?  Me, too!  The winner of the Zombie Safehouse 2010 competition has helped to give me some hope that if there were to be a Zombie Apocalypse, and I could make an amazing riverboat, that I might survive!

There’s a way you can turn your iPod Touch into a working “cell phone.”  Corto tells us how (and it’s super crazy easy AND free).

Does it frustrate you when your girlfriends talk down about themselves, but you can’t quite figure out how to get through their thick skulls that they are so incredibly gorgeous and wonderful?  Sally from Already PRetty tackles how to be a positive role model for those friends, and all women, in this incredibly thoughtful post of positive self image in others.

I would like to introduce you to the best nerdy chic look I’ve ever seen in the style blogosphere.  Brava!

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my winter running outfit, and the Winter Glove/Mitten combo from lululemon athletica wasn’t available for online sale.  They JUST went up, and they are even better this year than they were last year.  Great for all sorts of winter activities, including using your iPod Touch, iPhone, Android or Blackberry Storm mid-run with the awesome and brilliant finger slits.

I have a hook for my towels that says: “TOWELS.”  Just so I don’t get confused and start hanging jewelry there or something.  Oh, wait.  That’s totally what happened.  Maybe I should just invest in some quote hooks that aren’t item specific, rather inspiring and awesome!

Pantone declares that the colour of the 2011 season is Honeysuckle!  Wicked.  I own NOTHING in that colour.  Obviously, this means I should get my shop now that the 30*30 Challenge is over! (via Modly Chic).

This is an awesome true/false look at The Biggest Loser by Ashley from (Never)Home Maker.  Obviously, The Biggest Loser is an unrealistic representation of weight loss, but there are always some good tips.  Most importantly, I think that it puts a focus on the health side of weight loss as much as the aesthetic side of weight loss (almost every contestant mentions how they don’t need to be on (as much) medication as they used to be).

Recently, Nubby Twiglet wrote about enjoy handwriting type on magazine covers.  It got me to thinking about the fonts I love (in preferential order: Garamond, Courier New, Violation).  However, I think these “Helvetica Hangers” are incredibly cute and they definitely appeal to my inner font nerd.

And all this talk about fonts reminded me of College Humor’s Font Conference video I watched what feels like forever ago, but is still hilarious.  I am such a font nerd.

And to sign off with a video of one of the most talented hoopers I’ve had the pleasure of watching – and something to aspire to.  I’m no where near this good, but I want to be!

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