Fashion Flirting with a 30*30 Remix Challenge Outfit Round-up

I’ve tried writing something a few times, to sum up this remix but I’ve deleted everything that I’ve written and started from scratch.

I’ve discovered that there are a few things I don’t love as much as I thought I did.  My sequin top, for example.  I’ve already bequeathed it to my mother.  And the purple lululemon pullover.  I have a friend who has been wanting that particular sweater forever, and I think I’m ready to give it to her (I bought it from another friend of mine, and I like that it will be passed on to someone who will wear it and give it lots of love).

I’ve learned that a few items of mine that I didn’t used to love are actually really wonderful.  The pom pom boots.  I hardly wore them when I first bought them.  I now see that there is a place for them in my wardrobe. I’ll wear them regularly.  The lace-neck and lace-back tops –  prior to this challenge I’d worn the lace-back tank a whopping once, and the lace-neck tee I hand’t worn in over 4 years.

There are some holes in my wardrobe that over the next little while I’m going to attempt to fix.  I need a pair of cognac boots.  A brown leather belt or two.  Most of my footwear is black or brightly coloured, as up until very recently I would very rarely wear brown.  I also need more colours in opaque tights.  They can completely change the way an outfit looks, and I love playing with unexpected colours.  I also need more gold jewelry.  Sometimes, silver just doesn’t cut it.

This challenge was a lot of fun for me.  I liked being creative with limited resources.  And allowing myself to worry less about the clothing (and never once saying during the last 30-odd days “I have nothing to wear”) was incredibly refreshing.  Especially as I never once felt shleppy or poorly dressed.

Next time?  I think I’ll choose items that are a bit more wackadoo.  Patterns, brighter colours.  Oh, and a few blazers/jackets, fewer tops, more skirts and dresses.  If Kendi has another 30*30 Remix Challenge, I am totally on board.

Congratulations to all my fellow remixers, it has been really fun to follow your outfits, and my newest, most favorite thing to do is to read the outfit round up posts.

Some 30*30 “Stats”:


I wore the black boots form Town the most often, although that has to do more with the fact that it is winter, and winter in Winnipeg isn’t to be taken lightly.  These boots are my winter boots, but look perfectly fine in the day to day.


The clear winner of the dresses is the lululemon Renew Dirt II reversible dress and convertible skirt in navy and grey.  It is easily my most versatile garment.  And not just of the 30*30, but of my whole wardrobe.


Who knew I would wear my lululemon jeggings so freaking often?  I remember, as few as 3 years ago, vowing to never wear leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans.  How things have changed…


Another winner from lululemon athletica: my purple bamboo cardigan was the knit piece I wore the most often.  This wasn’t even remotely close to being a surprise, as I wear it fairly regularly regardless.  The red cardi from The Gap got as much wear as the purple cardi, I’d call it a tie for Winner of the Sweaters.


I don’t know if it got the most wear (I haven’t counted my pieces), but the lace-neck tee was my favorite of all the pieces.  Every outfit I put together with that top was beautiful.  I can’t wait to start wearing it with the rest of my stuff.


My favorite outfits of the challenge?  #3, 13, 23, 24 and 28 (yes, I know, there are many MANY similarities between #3 and #28 and I don’t care.  Nananana boo boo!).  My least favorite?  #6, 12 and 18.

And now?  Well.  Time to get dressed.  And I have nothing to wear.  Crap.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with a 30*30 Remix Challenge Outfit Round-up

    • I kind of forgot about 16. I like 16, too. It was a fun one!

      I think my 100% overall favorite is #24! I think it’s the most tongue in cheek, playful outfit of all!


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