Fashion Flirting with 1+(No More 30*30)=Too many options!

Goodness.  My entire closet finally at my disposal, after 30 long days of limitations, and this is the outfit I choose?

I like lace and florals together.  Was feeling the need for feminine with a side of funky this morning, and just for kicks, decided to wear a fairly monochromatic look, including seasonally inappropriate items.  The tank top is designed for hot yoga, but I was feeling the antidote green. The skirt is a summer weight cotton skirt, but I love the print.  The sweater is crochet modal, not known for its warmth.  The shoes are peep toes (and I won’t be wearing them outside at all, because that would be crazy).  Even my bracelet – I wore it to my High School prom, a warm weather event.

I can’t quite bring myself to care, however.  What I do care about?  The fact that I have to start making up titles again.  I’m sad to see the faux math equations go.

Earrings: gold studs, gift from mom
Sweater: Le Chateau
Tank: lululemon athletica
Skirt: Some random boutique in a small town in Ontario on the Sea Way
Bracelet: A store in Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth that isn’t there anymore
Tights: Stolen from my mom
Shoes: Schutz


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