Fashion Flirting with 30+(30*30)=1+13+17+23+27

So.  This is my very last outfit of this CRAZY winter edition of Kendi’s 30*30 Remix Challenge.  I couldn’t really decide what I wanted my very last outfit to look like.  I wondered to myself: “Self, what should I wear for my last 30*30 outfit?  Should I wear something totally wackado?  Revisit my favorite outfit?  Put together something brand new?  What?”  My self replied: “Rebecca, you should really just choose items that make you happy.”

Hence the above outfit.  Three of my favorite items from my 30*30 items, the Cardigan, the Jeggings, and the Cool Racerback.  And because my first outfit of the 30*30 was a surprise from the back, I thought: why NOT keep up the trend?

And thus, the outfit was born.

In terms of accessories, I realized that I haven’t worn the pearls my father gifted to me when I was 7 in a very long time, and I’m missing my parental units today.  And my granny in Newfoundland, who gifted me with the earrings.  And my glasses because …  Well, my eyeballs aren’t really feeling contact lenses, and I’ve recently discovered that I really enjoy going to yoga and NOT being able to see anything.  If I try to wear my glasses, they fall off my face.  Yoga all unfocused and fuzzy is really appealing.

I’ll be doing a recap post tomorrow…  I’ve seriously enjoyed this remix challenge, but am also excited to be able to wear other items.  I have so many cute patterned things, and I really feel the need to pattern it up for the next little while.

S’gonna be fun!


5 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 30+(30*30)=1+13+17+23+27

    • Thanks, Marie!

      I haven’t picked exactly, but I have 3 or 4 in mind! I can’t wait to wear them all. I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow morning!

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