Fashion Flirting with 27+(30*30)=4+10+16+20

I somehow suspect that this outfit is full of clashing, but I still like it.  I even like that in every picture I look bored, confused or sleepy.  I even like that because my bangs simply haven’y been cooperating lately, that I have to pull them fully back.  It’s kind of fun to pull them back and have a different look.  I don’t even mind that my lips are dry.  But the thing I like best about this outfit?  My swallow earrings!  From Renner in Brasília.  They make me feel springy.

I stole these socks from my brother.  The last time I wore them, I had a major itchy freakout.  This time, I cleverly layered them over a pair of knee socks…  That I stole from my mother.  Sock theme?


Also…  Three days left in Kendi’s 30*30 Remix Challenge?  Dude.  That’s fully of nutty.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 27+(30*30)=4+10+16+20

    • Well thank you, kind sir! I hadn’t made it to your blog yet (there are SO MANY remixers), but just check you out and … well, check you out! You have mad style. 🙂

      Good luck with the last few days of your challenge, also!

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