Fashion Flirting with Link-a-doo

I have never ever watched a how-to video as awesome as this one, by Grasie Mercedes.  Impossible not to be impressed by the awesome 5 Way to Wear an LBD, the great song by N.E.R.D., and the wicked dancing throughout!

I’ve just started reading Advanced Style and I am completely charmed.  The men and women featured in this blog (think The Sartorialist for the blue haired set) have so much style, pizzaz and ganache that it hurts.

I love winter.  I love everything about winter.  I love the biting wind that turns my cheeks bright red.  I love the bright, blinding snow.  Everything, even the stuff that most people hate.  These pictures from The Big Pictures are making me love winter even more!

Are you a geek at heart?  I am.  Show your geek love with this heart-shaped circuit board necklace!

Speaking of your heart, how much do I adore this organic tee-shirt with Mr. Darcy’s proposal on it?  What a sigh worthy tee. (Via Hudson’s Happenings)

Oh my goodness.  The internet is magical.  Can you imagine getting a personalized video message from Santa when you were a kid?  How AWESOME.  My mind would have been totally blown (via Military Wife Mayhem).

How adorable is this Punky Brewster inspired outfit?  Hella adorable!

I’m currently obsessed with the Mad Hatter’s top hat, and have fallen head over heels in love with this Disney Couture Mad Hatter Top Hat ring.

Why would you risk looking like a segmented worm?  Kasmira, from What I Wore Today tells us why you should double up on tights – and I am coveting every single doubled-up tights look she posted.


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