Fashion Flirting with 26+(30*30)=3+8+26

I’m feeling a bit off today, so only one picture.  I’ve discovered how much I like wrist warmers, however.  These are new.  I made them myself out of leg warmers from the Dollar Store.  The tights are also new – but I didn’t buy them!  They were a gift from a friend.  Also, I’m wearing a headband that gave me a headache all day long.  On the plus side, I had an amazing meeting with my advisor, we hammered out a new timeline, and things are looking up.

Looking up for bed, that is.


5 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 26+(30*30)=3+8+26

    • I can’t believe that after all these years and years of headband wearing, they still give people headaches! You would think it would no longer be a problem.

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