Fashion Flirting with 25+(30*30)=2+11+19+25

Sunglasses are from Out of the Blue in Winnipeg, Scarf a gift from my mom, belt stolen from brother, wrist warmers from lululemon (with slight modification made to them by me), magic stretchy gloves from Safeway.

I took a break from Kendi’s 30*30 Remix Challenge on Saturday.  I was so Christmas Partied out that it was a struggle to put on my pants, let alone create an outfit.  Yesterday, it was a little bit easier, but not significantly.  The outfit was kind of inspired by the wrist warmers, also known as my current favorite thing.  Apparently, wrist warmers are excellent to use to protect the back of your hand during hooping.  I didn’t even realize that I owned a pair.  I brought these home with me two years ago, from lululemon.  I really liked them, but they had a fold-over mitten, and the thumbs were still free.  Not super effective for Winnipeg.  So I cut off the fold-over mitten part of the wrist warmer, and am very excited about the (totally simple) result.

Check out that super cool tree behind me in the last picture.  It is a work of art in this person’s front yard.  Totally awesome.

Also awesome?  My socks from Sunday.


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