Fashion Flirting with a Christmas Party, and a 30*30 Pause

Tonight is the first of a few Christmas parties, and I didn’t really save any space in my 30*30 for Holiday Fancy Pants.  So I’m taking a break.  But just today.  I figure if you can break for working out and you can break for sleeping, then you can totally take a break for a fancy party.  And the shoes are from my 30*30, so I’m only kind of cheating.

This is the dress that I wore to my BFF’s wedding in July.  I “winterized” the dress by surrounding it with black.  I really like that the chartreuse of the dress really pops when surrounded by all the dark.  I dig it.

Earrings: some random Brazilian boutique
Bracelet: the Hippie Fair in Brasília
Black Wrap: Mara Mac in Brazil
Dress: Huis Clos in Brazil
Tights: No idea!
Shooties: Arezzo, also from Brazil

I also love how my hair turned out, and in my world there is no such thing as too much eye makeup, so I am very satisfied with my smokey eye.

PS: THIS is my real Fabulous Friday outfit.  So there, forgetful girl!


17 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with a Christmas Party, and a 30*30 Pause

    • I’m almost finished with a course of Accutane. I’m so grateful that my parents paid for the drug for me as a gift. I always wanted beautiful skin, but never did, I felt really ashamed of it. I wrote about it during No Make-Up week this year. So, thank you!

    • Thanks, Courtney! I was really surprised when I tried it on in the store and it looked good. I think my mom was even surprised, even though she picked it out, haha.

  1. You did an amazing job winterizing this dress. The long flowing black sweater was the perfect option and your curly hair looks amazing!! – Katy

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