Fashion Flirting with 24+(30*30)=6+15+30

My maxi-skirt, the one that can be floor length, or ruched up like a saloon girl skirt.  Seemingly, it can also be worn as a strapless dress.  Belted at the waist, the skirt is full, fun and flirty.  Because I felt a little bit Loonette the Clown this morning, I accessorized with a pom pom hat, argyle socks and a sunny attitude.

I’ve also realized that I have to purchase some smaller belts.  Almost all the belts I own are the right size to wear at my hips, but sometimes you’ve just gotta belt it  where hips meet ribs.  I asked myself: “Self, how can we belt this Candie’s belt at my waist when I bought it for my hips?”  Inspiration replied: “Rebecca, just …  try to tie it.”  So I did.

And it worked.


I realized that yesterday I mentioned that my Wear the West End necklace was my Fabulous Friday item.  Except that yesterday was Thursday.  My days are ALL messed up like whoa.

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