Fashion Flirting with a Run in the Snow … -15 Edition.

On Tuesday, I wrote about a few stylish ways to keep warm, and I realized that all those tips and pointers are thrown out the window when it comes to being super active during the winter months. I am a winter runner, and I love to get my sweat on, no matter the temperature outside.

How do I stay warm? It has been a few years of trial and error, and sometimes I still get it wrong. C’est la vie.

The below outfit is what I would wear when it is around -15oC.

I am wearing:

A Buff on my head
A technical tank
A light-weight technical long sleeved top (mine isn’t available right now, but this is somewhat similar)
A  Mid-weight water-resistant long sleeved tech-fleece outer layer top (mine is no longer available, but this has all the same features)
A water and wind resistant vest (mine isn’t available anymore, but the one I linked to is similar)
A winter weight tech-fleece  pair of running tights with reflective detailing on the legs
Wool technical socks from Smart Wool
Convertible gloves to mitts (this year’s version)

Other than the socks and the buff, everything I’m wearing is from lululemon athletica, who annually provides winter runners with most excellent outdoor running options for men and women.

Nearly all my items have some reflective feature or another.  I am often running in the early morning, or late afternoon when it is dark out.  Reflective detailing will help to keep you nice and visible by cars, cyclists and other runners.

I like to wear buffs because they’re a bit lighter weight than hats and they’re fully convertible.  I wear them as hats and neckwarmers.  I generally wear two at a time, but when it is around -10 or -15, I just wear the one.  It is pretty much all I need.

The thing about running in the winter months is that you start cold, but your body warms up about 10 degrees.  I try to dress as though I am walking outside in weather 10 degrees warmer.  Works like a charm nearly every single time.

Any time someone asks me about what they should be wearing for a winter run, I always try and impress upon them that the single most important thing I put on my body for a winter run are my socks.  I’ll spend upwards of $20.00 on a good pair of winter running socks, and I insist that they are wool.  Wool keeps you warm wether it is wet or dry, and I love the feeling of wool against my skin.  Always have.

My go-to brand for winter running has always been Smart Wool socks.  In the summer months, I wear my Vibram Five Fingers, no socks required.  The moment I switch from VFFs to my neutral support Asics, the Smart Wool tech socks come out.  They revitalized my winter running.

If you dress properly, a winter run can be even more enjoyable that a summer one. I love being surrounded by snow, how my footfalls are quieter, how quaint and storybook like everything looks. I don’t appreciate it as much when I’m going by in the bus, or hurrying along while walking. While running, I’m toasty and warm, and everything seems right in the world.

As it gets colder, I’ll write another post about how to dress in -20oC to “You Probably Shouldn’t Be Running Outside”oC. Happy running!

BTW: I get nothing if you click on those links, if you buy something from those links, whatever.  I’m passionate about the products because they work for me!  You can find similar items from a ton of different brands, these are just the ones I am loyal to!


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