Fashion Flirting with 21+(30*30)=3+7+18

My 30*30 Remix Challenge is officially old enough to drink in the US!  Obviously this means I should get plastered to celebrate.

Except for the fact that I am cleansing right now, and oddly, alcohol isn’t on the list of things I can consume.  Strange, that.  Maybe next time I cleanse, I should do a red wine cleanse, or something similar.  Is there such a thing?  If there isn’t, there definitely should be.

In any event.  I really was expecting to want to wear this dress more often throughout the challenge.  I guess, as I’ve only worn it once before, that I don’t like it as much as I thought I did.  Every time I put it on I think to myself: This would be so much better if it had pockets.  Or: This would be so much better if the sleeves weren’t 3/4 length.  So on and so forth.  And I really do like this dress – I do! – but it just doesn’t pair very well with other things, especially those on my list.

Such is the life of a remixer, I suppose.

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