Fashion Flirting with 19+(30*30)=6+14+19+22

With plans to meet up with my Oldest Friend Ever (my Godfather’s son, we’ve known each other since 6 months old), knowing we would wind up at some pub or another, I pulled this outfit together.  A few thoughts passed through my mind as I pulled it on.  The first was that this is the most casual outfit I have worn thus far during Kendi’s 30*30 Remix Challenge.  The second was that I was right, and I very much prefer wearing the backless shirt backwards over a darker top, rather than last Sunday, when I wore it over the same coloured dress.

We did wind up at a random pub – with a open stage comedy night!  Some of the amateur comedians bombed fairly hardcore, and some were totally hilarious.  Sometimes it is nice to be surrounded by laughter, for your face to literally hurt because you’ve been smiling so hard.

Earrings handmade by a friend, Darth Vader ring from Out of the Blue.


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