Fashion Flirting with 17+(30*30)=4+17+24+30

Fabulous Friday, what?  I’m wearing so many fabulous items for Day 17 of Kendi’s 30*30 Remix Challenge that I don’t really know which one to focus on.  The earrings, small garnet hoops gifted to my aunt by my late-uncle.  The beaded necklace from a boutique in Montreal that I can wear in my hair, and as a necklae.  The amber necklace that my friend’s lover made by hand in Mexico.  The bamboo wrap that always makes my waist look tiny, and my badonk look luscious.  The lace top from Anthropologie my mother gifted me with, that is the perfect balance of casual and dressy.  The incredibly versatile black skirt that I love because I can make it floor length and flowy, or ruffled and ruched.  The sparkly gold knee socks that feel like silk against my skin.  The platform shooties that are comfortable and fabulous.

You choose. I don’t want to. They’re all fabulous to me.

I really enjoy how all the elements kind of come together to make a look that is just a little bit Victorian.  If only I owned a top hat fascinator, or a harness, I could really create a steampunk look, but until I do, I’ll settle for this.

There are two things I love about being a style blogger – one is that for some reason I am no longer afraid to wear things that aren’t completely conventional or common to see walking down the street.  The other is that I feel the desire to actually put these outfits together.  When I think about the outfits I would wear when I first started style blogging, I can really see an evolution of my own personal style, and I really like the direction I am going.  Being part of the blogosphere is wonderful, I am surrounded, virtually, by creative, beautiful, stylish and thoughtful women who inspire me daily – not just because of their outfits, but because of who they are, and how much of themselves they put into their posts – even if they hardly write about their personal lives, and just stick to the outfits.

In other news, despite judicious application of dental floss, I still have asparagus in my teeth and it is DRIVING ME INSANE.

That is all!


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 17+(30*30)=4+17+24+30

  1. I like this you. I couldn’t pull this off cause I’m too short, but you make this look so effortless. The skirt is on-point and the nice addition of color in the cardi pulls it all together. Xtra fab!

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