Fashion Flirting with 16+(30*30)=5+11+22+9


For Day 16 of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge, I wanted to wear heels and nothing was going to stop me.  Aside from my über chilly tootsies.  Sad-faced was I when I realized that even just kicking around my pad, my feet were too chilled to wear these shooties and tights.  There needed to be more!

I experimented with pretty much every single pair of wool socks I own.  They all looked foolish.  I have no idea why I decided to fold these particular wool socks down over my shooties, but am I ever glad I did.  I really like the look.  Just evocative of Flash Dance, just enough to satisfy, without stepping too far over the line of ridiculous.

The best part?  My feet are so warm!

In other news: The John Butler Trio was phenomenal.  They put on the most dynamic, charismatic, energetic and exciting concert I have ever… ever had the pleasure of watching.  I’m so pleased my friend decided to invite me when his friend backed out last minute-ish.  They fully, totally, incredibly and excitingly rocked – me, the audience, everything.  I’m still smiling.

I love good concerts.


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