Fashion Flirting with 15+(30*30)=2+13+18+19

Uh.  I need a bang trim.  My stylist predicted that I would need to come in for a bang trim two weeks from the date of the original hair cut, and she was right.

Also, when did it become DAY 15 of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge? If you can do math (I can’t, but other bloggers have written about this momentous day), that means I am HALF WAY THROUGH the challenge.

Speaking of math, I have been wearing my jeggings every day since Day 13. Three days in a row.  “EW!” you may protest, learning of this.  However, let me tell you how wonderful doing laundry is.  Actually, I wanted to wear my Seven Jeans with this outfit, but there was a bit of a dramatic footwear event that prevented me from this.

I am going to a concert tonight (the John Butler Trio – I don’t know very much about them, but I’m sure I’ll adore their music), and to me, concerts require flats.  Due to the near-blizzard going on outside right now, that means that my Converse are not appropriate (even though I wear them to almost every concert I go to).  My had my Sevens altered this summer to make the flare less dramatic.  Neither boot in my 30×30 fit under the jeans, but they’re still too flared to tuck in without looking a wee bit ridiculous.  So.  Jeggings.

This is also the first time I’ve worn the ruffle cardi thingie over one shoulder, but I REALLY like it like this.  Also, my iTunes is on general shuffle, and it shuffled onto a video.  I can see it, framing my internet browser window.  It is making me a little bit dizzy.  Or the fact that today is Day 6 of a cleanse is what is making me dizzy.  Either way.

The scarf is from American Eagle forever ago, and the earrings were a gift.


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