Fashion Flirting with 14+(30*30)=2+13+16+21

I don’t know if you can tell, but for Day 14 of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge, I decided to rock out my inner adorer of pink.  I was originally planning on wearing something black, grey and BLAH, and then I realized that … I didn’t want to.  I wanted to be almost overwhelmingly pink, and maybe a little bit obnoxiously pink.

I think I pulled it off.

The hat was thrifted, the beads from the Hippie Fair in Brasília, the earrings from Winnipeg’s Out of the Blue, the purple ring is from a street vendor in Peru and the scarf worn as a belt is from Etam in Paris.

This afternoon I will be filmed for a spot of Breakfast Television to promote my friend Sarah’s hooping classes.  I’ll be losing the red cardigan, and likely the hat, and definitely the belt, but other than that, this is exactly what I’ll be wearing to hoop in.  I have a pair of purple and pink knee high hockey socks (like these ones in blue and red) and I really wanted to wear them, but could only find one.  Grr.

Ah well.  As I was searching for the sock, I came across some wonderful treasures.  So, if you take a look at the above close-up of my face, do you think you can still see the little girl below in my face?


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 14+(30*30)=2+13+16+21

  1. Oh my goodness, that pictures is ADORABLE. What a little cutie pie you were! Plus, I am looooving all of the pink today– you look so happy & cheery, it made me smile right away! 🙂

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