Fashion Flirting with 13+(30*30)=1+13+20+27

I really didn’t want to take off my PJs today.  I turned that desire – to stay clad in flannel – into my theme for day 13 of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge.

First, my lululemon Denim luon Wunder Unders (aka: my jeggings).  4-way stretch and total comfort exists in these bottoms, let me tell you.  Next, a pair of wool socks.  To me, nothing spells comfort more than itchy wool giving my feet an extremely warm hug.  Then, my Special Edition Cool Racer Back.  This one is longer than all my others, so I can almost get away with wearing this tank as a mini-skirt… over leggings and jeggings, of course.  The added layer of fabric over my tushie doesn’t add MUCH warmth, but it is definitely something.  And, because I’m not overly interested in looking like a total shlep, my ruffle-sleeve lace-bib top was in order.  I really wasn’t in the mood for any of the cardis in my 30 pieces, so I decided to take advantage of the rules!  Unlimited accessorizing, huzzah.  Thus, the softest cashmere pashmina ever from Club Monaco, held in place by this gorgeous pendant/brooch my mother found for me somewhere in Brazil.  Of course, when I wear the brooch I wear the matching ring.  Because I want a bit of edge to my inadvertently romantically styled upper-half, Darth Vader decorates my left hand.  The earrings (from Out of the Blue, along with Darth Vader) are the perfect combination of edge and softness.  The only option for footwear, when warmth and comfort is the single most important part of this outfit, are my warm winter boots.

All in all, the feeling of being clad in flannel exists in this outfit, but I’d wear it on a date.  I’d say today’s equation should actually be: Outfit #13 = success.


13 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with 13+(30*30)=1+13+20+27

  1. I’m glad you like my geeky gift list! 😉

    Your blog is so cute, and so is this outfit!! I love comfy clothes best…and although you are casual today, you are looking very chic!!

    • LOVE the geeky gift list! Thanks again for posting it!

      I’m glad the outfit came across the way I intended it to. Comfy chic was what I was going for, and wanted to wear something unlike the rest of the outfits I’ve worn so far. Time to get careful, I fear my outfits are all starting to look the same!

  2. That has been my number one goal lately– how can I get dressed and feel like I’m wearing PJs but still look socially acceptable? I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, missy– you look fabulous!

    • The University I attended for my undergrad has tunnels that link res to the rest of the campus buildings. Students need never go outside if they live in res. Every single class in my first year had someone attending wearing PJs and slippers, because they literally would roll out of bed and stumble to class. Some students would be wearing shorts and flip flops in the middle of winter. Very odd.

      They looked so comfortable and unstylish. I’m glad I hit the nail on the head with this look (lord knows I’ve never hit a real nail over the head before)!

    • It took me a while to come about to the jewelry, to be honest. My mom gave it to me 8 or 9 years ago, and it wasn’t really my style back then. I’ve grown into it, I guess!

  3. Very pretty, I love your jewelry. How nice of my mom to get those pieces for you, their beautiful. The boots are awesome, I have a similar pair I bought a few years back at Target, they are so warm and comfortable, just like your. I need to dig them out this weekend for sure! 😉

    • I’m glad you like them! I’ve been kind of on the fence about them, and haven’t worn them in YEARS!

      And my mom is awesome when it comes to accessories and shoes. We share the same love, and do partial wardrobe swaps every time we see each other. It is extremely awesome!

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