Fashion Flirting with 11+(30*30)=2+9+12+19

Today went like this:

  1. I want to wear make-up I almost never wear!
  2. I’m going to wear my hot pink lipstick, Lickable, from MAC.
  3. Shut up, I have a hat that almost matches and goes with my grey coat.
  4. I’m really sad my wool dress from lululemon has holes in it.
  5. I’m going to move that due to destruction of garment, I can call in a last minute player in Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge.
  6. I have nothing like that dress.
  7. But I do have a long sleeve, cowl-neck, dark-grey, just-below hip length wrap sweater thingie from lululemon.
  9. I’m so pumped, I’m going to go a little crazy!
  10. The cat almost joined in, but then decided to have a nap instead.

Then I went to go and see Harry Potter with my besties.  I don’t care what anyone else says or believes: In Rebecca’s World Alan Rickman is the sexiest man alive. I love him to bits and pieces.  He is The Sex.

And now, as it is very early on Sunday morning, and I have an 8 mile run ahead of me in a few hours, I should likely slip into Severus Snape-filled dreams of deliciousness.

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