Fashion Flirting with the Penny Lane Equation: 10+(30*30)=1+10+23+26

Last night, when I went to bed, the sky through my window was glowing orange. Without checking, I knew the snow was falling. The street lights reflect off the snowflakes, and create a sci-fi glow, as though I’d been magically transported to some far away planet, where the sky is orange, and the ocean is red.

Little did I know that I was actually going to be magically transported into what passes for a winter wonderland in Canada’s coldest provincial capitol, affectionately known as Winterpeg.

For Day 10 of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge, I decided to rock my Penny Lane coat.  This was the most frivolous item I have ever managed to convince my mother to buy for me.  I believe it was the summer of 2003.  I, as was my custom, was spending my four months of holidays from university with my parents in Brazil.  Because, let’s be honest: where ELSE would I spend my summer holidays?

As it happens, this particular trip to Brazil wound up being the vacation of vacations.  After spending a short time in Brasília with the parental units, we went on a few weekend trips to nearby relaxation locations.  My mother and I took a trip to São Paulo for a conference (for her).  Then I went off to mess around the Amazons on my own for a while (and caught 6 piranha and ate them for dinner), then we went on vacation to the beach.

While Mom and I were in São Paulo, Miss Sixty might have been my most favoritest brand of all time.  I was such a fan.  As we were walking along, checking out a variety of boutiques and shops close to our pousada (an Oasis of Minas Gerais in the middle of one of the world’s biggest metropolises), we came across a Miss Sixty storefront.  I had a bit of a freakout, we went in, and I fell head over heels in love with this jacket.  After hemming and hawing, and discovering that the jacket was half-off and if we paid in full we would get an additional discount (one of the most wonderful of Brazilian traditions), Mom paid the (high) price, and I went home with my jeans faux-shearing Penny Lane jacket.

The last time I wore it was Hallowe’en, 2003, when I dressed up as ani diFranco for a live karaoke party.  Because I wore the costume and sang an ani song, I won the costume competition.  Other than that, I’ve worn it a grand total of twice.

I’ve never admitted that before, actually.

I’ve brought it with me everywhere I’ve moved, and it has simply sat in my closet, collecting dust.  Until today.  My winter coat is being dry cleaned, and we had the afore mentioned dump of snow, and my outfit simply wouldn’t have worked with a puffy vest.  So, I decided to revist Penny Lane.

As it happens, it was the perfect choice for the outfit and for the weather.  Surprisingly warm, considering that it is jeans and muppet fur.  I think this winter, I’ll be wearing it quite a bit.

So I have a question: what kind of hat would YOU wear with it?  I’m finding myself at a loss, but no hat won’t work for much longer, let me tell you.

And this might go without saying, but the jacket is my Fabulous Friday item.


11 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with the Penny Lane Equation: 10+(30*30)=1+10+23+26

  1. Great coat! I, too, have a couple of items that I’ve been lugging around with me knowing that one day I will wear it again.
    As for a hat I’d go with either a felt floppy brimmed hat or a very chunky knit cloche or beret with a huge knit flower on the side, all in a color that comes close to or complements the fur trim of the coat. Stay warm up there!

    • I know I have a caramel coloured floppy brim felt hat SOMEWHERE in my apartment… I could probably knit the cloche. And I LOVE the idea of the beret with the flower! I love knit flowers!

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. winterpeg is a huge difference from Brazil! I am impressed that you are taking your photos in a blizzard! That’ll teach me to complain about light. Fellow remixer here, wishing you well on the remaining challenge.

    • I’m going to see how long I can keep running outside to take outfit pictures outside my apartment building before it becomes way too cold. And it is mostly because of light! It is getting way too dark inside my apartment to be able to take the pictures unless I decide to really play with the exposure in Photoshop – need to maximize the natural light!

  3. GREAT outfits.. I love your style and ideas.. and you have amazing hair!! boy I wish I had great hair like that!!

    am new to your blog.. look forward to seeing what you come up with for the rest of the challenge!!!


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