Fashion Flirting with 9+(30*30)=2+8+15+30

Also known as Fashion Flirting with the DEATH GLARE.  Sorry.

Uh.  Yeah.  NO explanation for Day of Death Glare of Day 9 of Kendi’s 30×30 Remix Challenge.

OK, maybe there’s a reason or two.  I spent the last three days feeling pretty bunky, today being the first day I feel moderately well again.  Huzzah!  Actually, I was so very cheered by no longer feeling über nasty that I decided to dress to celebrate by channeling my inner saloon floozy.  I hadn’t realized that this skirt has little ties underneath that create the gathered effect on the front, JUST showing my boots a little bit, where the skirt typically is something I trip over a bit.  I repurposed the chain on one of my silly clutches for the enormous (but wonderful) Brazilian pendant.  I adore that it rests just above my pubic bone.

Of course, if I were to go shopping, I would probably get blown on for the inappropriateness of my strapless top (which is a dress) so I donned the wool cardi to prevent any angry old lady attacks.  So far, so good!

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